Sunday, April 20, 2003


I went out last night. Had a great time. I talked with a ton of guys and danced my ass off. Didn't go home with anyone. You know, all you need to do is smile, and you meet someone. That's my advice. Smile. Even when you're standing there by yourself. The older I get, the less inhibited I am. I used to be afraid to say hello to someone. Now all I do is smile. It helps to be wearing sleeveless tight t-shirts though.

I can still smell the cologne on my hands, of some guy I was all over on the dance floor. He had a great smile. He was sweaty, about 25, and had nice chest hair.

I e-mailed "Guy of the Day" to tell him I wrote about him on my blog. I got an e-mail back from him:

Hi intertextual..;))
Thanks for the flattering words about me and my appearance. Enjoyed to read your interpretation of my character. Yes, I have a lot of least my friends say...but screwing around with young bottoms all the time isn´t close to the truth. OK, it has happened.....but I do like long lasting relationships.....I am not the good picupman at bars.....I am quite social when it is more of a relaxed atmosphere..and I love to make love not only with the body but with the eyes and soul at the same time.
Any how...thanks....and welcome to write back..;)

Analysis: I suddenly felt bad that I wrote about him so superficially. He's a real guy, not just some internet digital picture. I think I would have been real pissed if someone posted my picture and said all that shit about me! But in typical Scandinavian good temper, he responded back, very sweetly. I've heard the Swedes and Danes and Dutch are very "easy-going." People from the UK exclaim how kind and laid back they are. My grandparents from Denmark weren't very nice. But I think they're the exception.

I love all the ellipses in his writing. It's so suggestive. He's telling me to read between the lines. The smiley face was pretty weird though. .;)) It's got a droopy eye on one side, and double lips. I like double lips, unless they're on a woman.

Don't you love the fact that these European men speak at least three languages? And write and speak English so well? Their education is excellent - in fact, in some countries, it's FREE to go to university.

"and I love to make love not only with the body but with the eyes and soul at the same time." Wow, what a sexy comment! I'd love to be made love to with his eyes and body and soul. I'd love someone to tell me that to my face. In Canada, people don't say those types of things. I guess in Sweden, you do. I'm on the wrong continent I guess.

Don't you love his name? Per. I've never heard that before. Purr. My parents nearly named me Kaj. But Per sounds way more cool.

Let's do it baby!

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