Friday, April 18, 2003

Another sexexperience

Here's what happened about two months ago. I was on These two guys, who were partners, were looking for a third. We exchanged pics and stuff.

One guy is a school teacher. The other - I don't remember what he did. Both were tall, athletic, nice bods, attractive faces. I don't think they could've gained body fat if they tried. We talked on the phone, then I drove over in the early evening.

I knocked on their door. They buzzed me up, into their beautiful apartment. Both were about six feet tall, handsome, they looked alike. We talked in their living room, about teaching experiences, for about 30 minutes before the non-teacher said, "Let's move to the bedroom."

We all threw off our clothing. They had a king sized bed. There was enough room for us to do an amazing array of things, without running out of room. I sucked lots of cock. I think we sucked cock in every position possible. Then non-teacher wanted to fuck me. He put on a condom and entered me.

He had a very sexy manner - he looked me in the eyes while fucking me and whispered flirtatious things in my ear. Then his partner fucked him, while he was fucking me. I've never been in a sandwich position before. I was getting fucked, while the guy fucking me got fucked. It's the idea that gets you off.

When the teacher was done with his partner, I ended up fucking the school teacher, while he was on his hands and knees. He came, and that's when I found out it was his second time that evening.

The two guys were using poppers throughout, and I used them a few times. But I found they made me feel emotionally detached throughout, and I found it difficult to form sentences.

It was enjoyable though, and entirely unexpected.