Sunday, April 13, 2003

I'm in Victoria. Me and my Scottish roommate, I'll call him Faizal, arrived here late last night. We took the ferry to Nanaimo, then drove 2 hours to Victoria. When we got here, we had a beer at the hostel we're staying at (a very cool place that had live music being mixed) then took a cab to a club. Then we went to a house party. All the guys were straight. VERY STRAIGHT. I somehow fit in. It was fun. It's now 10am. I woke up when the Russian beauty who was sharing our room got up and left. I'm still drunk. I'm sitting here, blogging, in the lobby. I paid $2 for internet access for 30 minutes. My cool roommate slept on the top bunk. He was naked with blue hair. He's very skinny. I love his personality.

Faizal told me I'm very gay. But somehow, I'm a "very gay" guy who's natural. Yet somehow I'm like a guy who is gay, but is natural? I didn't know how to work that one out. Anyway, he was telling me a compliment. I had to listen to straight guy jokes about pussy while I was at the straight guy party last night.

I'm hanging out with a 21 year old. I must admit he's a very cool, intelligent and profound 21 year old. Nevetheless. What am I doing?

Yesterday at school, I went to the staff room. I pressed in the door's keycodes. It didn't work. There was a sign that said I needed to find out what the new door's key codes were. Anyway, I knocked on the door, some guy let me in, but he wouldn't tell me the new door keys. He said, "You look like a student, so I don't feel comfortable telling you the new codes." I told him I'm nearly 40. He said, "Then consider yourself lucky." Hmm... When I got to the hostel, the registrar asked me if I had a student card. Fuck. Do I look that young? Faizal told me I look 25. Holy shit.

Hello people. I'm almost forty. Only short two years. You're treating me like a youngster. I love it. thank you. But I want the respect you get when you're 40. Anyway, Faizal and me are here until Monday morning, here in Victoria. We'll be off to Tofino after that. He's still sleeping, I think, in the room. We've got lots to do today. I'll tell you about it. But I think I may be running out of time...

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