Friday, April 18, 2003

My most weird referral google search:

The description under Intertextual says: When I have a boyfriend, we both like to do this together - and fart. It's so much fun. 53. ... I use a Mac - that's why. ... I dreamt I had sex with a female student. ...
Comment: Actually, I heard on the radio yesterday that there's a new website where you can send friends a fart. You can choose aspects of the fart - basically tailor the fart that you want to send a friend. Perhaps that's what the google searcher was looking for. Instead, they got my big fart of a site.

Here's another funny one:
Search query: parents perspectives on Christina Aguilera and piercings
Comment: Can you imagine the parent's shock after coming to my site? Piercings no longer seem to be the worst thing your child could get into. Nor Christina Aguilera.

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