Wednesday, April 09, 2003


I've had a very frustrating couple of days - first of all I crashed all day Tuesday, spent it in bed, then my main computer crashed today.

It rarely happens to me - I usually never have problems with my computer. I use a Mac - that's why. Anyway, I'm still using a G3, and I was trying to get it to network with my Wallstreet laptop, when I got an error 41 message. So I tried to reboot it with the system disk, and discovered I couldn't find it. So I called a computer geek who will come over tomorrow and help me with it. In the meantime I can use my handy laptop.

I'm finally getting around to buying a G4 laptop next month. A friend of mine wants to sell his for a steal. I can't wait.

I've decided to go for a few days to Victoria and Tofino with my roommate who is a visiting student from Scotland. He's been here near 3.5 months and hasn't had much of an opportunity to travel and see beautiful BC, so I'll make sure we do that.

I love Tofino, and would love to live there. I especially enjoy visiting Hot Springs Cove which is an hour and a half boat ride from Tofino. I've been going there for about seven years. To get to the hot springs, you take a 45 minute walk through an ancient cedar rainforest covered in moss and ferns. It's protected with a board walk. The springs come out of the ground and create a waterfall that you can stand under, then it pours into three or four rock basins that you can sit in. At high tide, the ocean comes in and cools you down for a second. No one lives on the "island," although you can camp there in the summer. As a result, I've gone down there at night, skinny dipping, and once had amazing sex with BC there, by the hotsprings on a rock cliff. With another boyfriend, we ran around the island naked, having sex because there was no one around. A deer came up to me while I was sketching, to see what I was doing.

A bi-man, named Sean, owns a b&b, that's actually an old ship, that's moored off the Hot Springs. You need to borrow a rowboat to get over to the Hot Springs. He completely renovated the ship himself, and it has about five or six quaint rooms. He's an incredible host, and a gourmet chef. Innchanter. I've spent many nights there, visiting with his fascinating guests over dinner and after dinner in front of the fireplace. Laying on the deck on a sunny day, or being awed by the billions of stars you can see out there. I guess if I'm giving you his name and link I can't tell you all the juicy gossip I have about him and his "guests." He's a great guy, though, and no, I didn't have sex with him. And don't worry, I'm not "outing" him - he's very open about it.

My room mate and I went to Grouse Mountain today, up the tram, and got to tramp around in snow and watch skiiers and skiboarders. If it's nice on Friday, we'll go to Cyprus Mountain and do some skiing there. It was great to get outside and look over the ocean. I took some pics with my digital camera. The jpg is from the mountain top looking down at Vancouver, 9,000 feet down. This here is an mpg on the tram going down. The guy you see first is my roomy (Actually, I decided not to post it yet). Unfortunately it's not as exciting as geekslut's new mpg that he posted today. Check it out!

I had a very bizarre dream last night. I dreamt I had sex with a female student. Yes, female and a student! Perhaps I'm a latent heterosexual? Has any other gay guy ever dreamt about having sex with a woman, when you never have in real life? I dreamt I got a new job at a new college, and it was the first week of classes, and I ended up staying in her dormitory room with her. Then in the morning I left, a little upset with myself, and ran into a female friend I was close with in my early 20s. She was wearing these low rise, black leather pants, and for some reason I found myself coming onto her - I stuck my hands down her backside!

JJ and I did have an intense attraction to one another when we met when I was 21. She's very brilliant, vivacious and beautiful, with long black hair and intense green eyes. I found myself flirting with her and being very confused by my feelings toward her. One evening she invited me over to watch a video, and I found myself beginning to neck with her. But what I found disturbing is that as soon as we started necking, she became like a limp fish. Passive! In her daily life she is the opposite to passive, but as soon as we started fooling around she didn't do anything back. Yuck. Having only been with men before, who kiss back, I thought she wasn't attracted to me all of a sudden. So I stopped, and said, "This doesn't feel right." JJ and I agreed it felt like we were kissing a sister/brother.

The other odd thing I didn't like is that she felt soft and mushy, even though she worked out like crazy. Again, having been used to men who tend to be hard and muscular, this unfortunately turned me off. I guess her personality turned me on, but not her body and sexual passiveness. I've been told by women that many become like this when first having sex until they feel more comfortable. I've always wondered what would happen if some strong, athletic, beautiful woman were to push me down and just take me. It hasn't happened yet, so I guess don't know. The student female I slept with was also passive in my dream, and rubinesque. I didn't really enjoy myself.