Monday, April 14, 2003

Q & A

Why is it that when I started blogging my life is so much more interesting? It's morning here on Monday, only 10am, and after a crazy night I can't believe I'm awake. Faizal and I will have breakfast then drive six hours to Tofino.

Here's an e-mail from "Dogpoet":

I came across your site from my referral logs. Thanks for the link, but I have to say I was a little disappointed that you would judge me in a public forum without trying to write me personally. In terms of what I am looking for in an "art world", you had me completely misread. What I am looking for in terms of the art and literary "worlds", (for lack of a better word), is stimulation. I love learning, for the sake of learning. I love being exposed to new artists/writers, hearing them read their work or seeing their work. I love it, it gives me energy and enthusiasm for my own work. This may not have come across in that one particular entry, but I've written plenty about it before.

It's a free world, you are more than free to write whatever you want on your blog, but your judgements, based on no personal exchange between us, irritated me. Don't think you know what I want out of life, or that you know what goes on in my head or heart, through a couple of paragraphs on the internet. I wouldn't write about you on my site that way.

aka dogpoet

My answer:
Dogpoet is totally right, and I wish to apologize publicly. Doesn't he sound like a sweetheart? I feel really awful. I was using him to project my sh*t onto, and it wasn't fair. Because that's all my rant was - shit projection. I'm sorry "Dogpoet," and the only person who looks bad is me.

Have a great day guys. By the way, staying at a hostel is incredibly fun. There's lots of young males, from all over the world, who are horny, and out to enjoy themselves, and you all sleep together in dormitories. What more can a guy ask for?

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