Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I just finished the most delicious albacore tuna sandwich. It was on sprouted gains and honey health bread, buttered with non-GMO, organic, cold pressed oil margarine, with fresh tomatoes and sprouts. Yum! My dinner. And I made it.

I have a new roommate. The last guy didn't work out. Although he was interesting, he was too interesting. I discovered that he was very moody, opinionated, negative. It started to get to me. He also suffers from SAD, so I can't imagine spending a winter with him in Vancouver in my house. If he was this bad, during two months of non-rain, I can't imagine living with him over the winter during months of cloud. So, we parted ways.

I have a new roommate who's very cool. I have a bit of a crush on him. He's 37 - I thought he was 28. He just came back from Australia where he studied Flash, animation, Adobe Golive and so on, so he's very talented. Originally from Toronto, Canada. He's straight. I realized that I prefer living with straight guys - they're so much easier to get along with than women and gay men!!! Gay men tend to be so "special" or "touchy." The other positive thing about a gay man living with a straight man is that there's no sexual tension - or at least very little, and I'm wise enough to know that nothing will happen between us. So I don't look at him like a sexual object, someone to seduce.

Well... mostly that's true. Unfortunately he is 6'3", blond, blue eyed, gorgeous, sexy, with HUGE feet and hands, a soft blond hairy chest, dreamy eyes, clever, honest, cuddly and Aquarius. And walks around in his shorts and no shirt. And the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning is takes a shower (I love that! I have to have coffee first). And he picked up an Australian accent after living there for four years. And he also spent most of his life travelling and working as a hiking guide in the tourist industry. Plus he's very gay-positive and teases me in a nice way. Plus we have a lot in common, being in similar industries. Plus he seems to be a combination of BC and Les, my two ex-partners. But I hope I'm wise enough to not become infatuated with him. Actually, I'm sure that's not a possibility. It's just nice to be around real guy-energy for a change, instead of that gay guy energy, which isn't as sweet. I'm kind of down on gay guys right now.

So, I'd better go. He rented a movie. We're going to watch it together!