Saturday, April 05, 2003

Saturday night in Vancouver

I'm ready to go out dancing. It's been about 3 weeks. One of the problems of dating bisexual guys is that you lose touch with what's happening in the gay scene. So I don't know where to go. There's only three choices in Vancouver that are obvious. One is the Odyssey - it's full of "twinks." Who don't pay attention to me. Also, every time I go there I get majorly cruised by the owner of a talent agency who is a multi-millionaire from his talent. You see them in all the hot movies. Many of the Vancouver actors are discovered by him. He's actually very good looking, very tall, very handsome. We've had sex several times, and once he came twice with me. But I just wouldn't want to be with someone who has his life. He told me I'm perfect. I'm exactly what he looks for in a guy. Okay, so hire me for a film. The real problem is that he drinks too much. And he still lives with his mother! Get that.

Then there's Numbers, a creepy bar with very bad music and dancers, and I get too much attention. And a new one which is a leather bar. I once went in there, everyone turned their heads to look at me, I felt scared, went to the washroom and left. Vancouver's club scene is reknown for its lack of variety or options.

But there's always these "nights" that are hosted by other clubs. I'll have to pick up a copy of Xtra West to see what's happening. I'll probably go to Sonar. It costs $25 to get in, which is ridiculous, but I guess everyone is on "e." That's close to $40+ for Americans.

So, I've got my desert coloured pants from Body Wear ($100 CDN), a tight shirt with just the amount of lycra to show off my nipples, my hair looks great, and so does my skin. Let's see what happens.

Actually I'm going to go online to and ask people where the hot place is to go on a Saturday night. Ciao, I'll share my experience with you tomorrow.

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