Saturday, April 19, 2003

A bimbo mistake, gymnastics and diving

Oops. I just realized I made a mistake. In my post of "Friday, April 11, 2003" where I make a rude comment about "dogpoet," I discovered I got him mixed up with someone else who I was really thinking of. The person I was really meaning to make a comment about... I won't mention his name. I'm doing this out of consideration for "dogpoet," who very nicely told me was a bit hurt by my comment. I don't like to hurt people. What a bimbo, eh? (I found out that "eh" isn't totally Canadian. UK people also say "eh.")

I love dogpoet's blog, and his writing is excellent. Check out his recent story about his experience of diving.

After doing competitive gymnastics at York University and the Springer's gymnastics club in Toronto, when I moved to Saskatoon there wasn't any top notch gyms for me to work out at. So I took diving. Within a month I was competing for them. Diving is way easier than gymnastics, and I already knew how to do the somersaults and flips. I trusted my coach. You have to trust your coach, no matter what discipline you're in. He was studying physics at university, so I would make him explain to me why I wouldn't hit my head if I did an inward pike somersault - that's standing facing the board, jumping, and flipping inward toward the board. He'd explain to me in detail the physical principles that make it possible. So, I did a few successfully. Then after making him explain to me for the fourth time, in detail why I wouldn't hit my head, I did the dive, and hit my head.

Boing. I was dazed in the pool. I didn't really know what happened. The coach dived in to get me, but I was able to swim to the edge and get out. Then the fucker made me get up on the board and do the dive again! He didn't want me to get scared. I did it, after protesting majorly. I lost confidence in him though. I no longer believed in him. I'm still scared to do those dives!

At York University, when I was a teenager, the locker rooms were HOT. One of the coaches, who was short with a muscular bod, used to walk around naked after taking a shower. His dick was HUGE. It hung down to his knees practically. I was always fascinated by it. Unfortunately he didn't coach me though. I always wondered how he managed to keep it from popping out under such short shorts.

I had a crush on my gymnastics coach in Lethbridge. He was one sweet dude. Ripped to the nth. He had a great sense of humour and talked non-stop. I was in my early 20s. He too liked to change in front of me, or coach me with his shirt off. I loved it when he touched me, all over, while describing how to do a move. My diaries are full of sexual fantasies about him. I wish I'd made a move on him because I think he wanted it. He took me out to night clubs in his race car, we'd meet for coffee, he took me to his house. But he had a girlfriend, so I think that's why I didn't come on to him. I saw him a few years ago in Lethbridge, while shopping over Christmas. He's now married with two children.

He always used to say, "You're one fucking huge guy." I'm 5'9", but for a gymnast, that is huge. Most of those guys you see on tv are like 5'5". I used to volunteer at gymnastics competitions, and all of those hot guys you see are tiny. With big muscles, that are ripped, yes, but they're tiny. And they weigh like 135 lbs. Man, are they cute. Have you ever noticed they never have any body hair? There's an unwritten rule in gymnastics that you should shave your chest. No one had to told me to do it - I've shaved mine since I was 12.

Is having sex with a gymnast better? Probably.

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