Sunday, April 06, 2003

Trouble and hot sex

Well, I went online to and asked where to go out tonight. Everyone was telling me the "Odyssey." But then I got a pvt from a guy I chatted with a month ago. I'll call him Ahmed.

A month ago, he pvt'd me, and we were chatting pleasantly. I wasn't looking to have sex, just chat. He seemed like a very sweet guy. He didn't have a picture, but he described himself as being Middle Eastern, 6'2", athletic, handsome. I do tend to find Middle Eastern men very sexy, but their culture kind of scares me. Their families tend to be very close, demanding and macho, so I imagine dating a middle eastern guy would have conflicts. Actually, I did date one many years ago. He is hot and sexy, but his family lived in England, and I did get to hear him tell me all about their culture. I also have a Middle Eastern roommate, who's incredibly sweet and his family is wonderful. Maybe I'm wrong. Anyway, I digress.

Ahmed is a graduate student, in social work, and 29. He asked me where I work out. I told him, then asked him where he works out. He said, "Fitness World on Cambie." I said, "I know a couple guys that work out there." Specifically my ex-boyfriend BC, and his new boyfriend, Jahn. That's where they met. For some reason BC decided to start dating a 49 year old. Apparently he looks great for his age, has an amazing body and is a nice guy.

When I told Ahmed, he freaked out. He said, "Jahn is my ex boyfriend!" I freaked out, and told him, "BC is my ex boyfriend!" I was a little upset over this connection. Because I really want nothing to do with BC for the next year. I don't want to hear what he's up to, how great his life is, and how happy he is without me. You know? I want to make my own life fabulous before exchanging tidbits with him. Ahmed, also, is still friends with Jahn, because they were mostly "fuckbuddies" rather than in a relationship.

So Ahmed and I exchanged phone numbers, promised to meet up for coffee. The next morning he called, left a message but I never got back to him. I realized that this became too complicated for me - him being friends with Jahn, the gossip back and forth, and was I only getting together with him so that I could hear about BC's life through Ahmed?

Back to the present. So Ahmed pvt'd me last night, asking me why I never returned his call. I explained it was too complicated for me (perhaps too intertextual?). He told me he hasn't spoke to Jahn in a month, and never told Jahn that we met online anyway. Etc. So he still wants to meet. And I am interested. So I'll let you know when we do meet for coffee.

Then some other guy pvt'd me. We were chatting for a bit. He typed very slowly. But when he told me he was a bisexual guy, who's in construction, and has a big dick, he got my attention, even though he didn't have a pic. He is 5'11", 175, muscular/athletic, handsome, 10" thick, brown hair, blue eyes, and in the suburbs. I thought, "I'm not letting this guy get away." He wanted a massage then to get fucked.

So I jumped in a cab (because I'd had a couple), with some beer, and went to his place in Burnaby. He buzzed me up and let me into his apartment. It was a dump. There was no furniture, nothing, except boxes substituting as tables. It was a studio apartment, and the bed was in the middle of the space. It made my place look like I hired an interior designer. I didn't give a shit because this guy is gorgeous.

He was in a pair of grey sweat pants, and no shirt. His abs rippled in the reflected light of the city, from his 20th floor apartment. He is extremely handsome, sexy, I couldn't believe my luck. I offered him some beer, but he'd already been drinking that cheap, sweet wine you can buy for $4. He apologized for the state of his apartment (I think he may have recently been separated and didn't own a thing. You know, that happens to biguys.) So I gave him a massage, all over his perfect body. I learned from a professional masseur, who was studying to be a firefighter. This guy was so perfect. I felt like I was in a porno. He did ask me not to kiss him (I was fine with that).

When I flipped him over he was soft. I massaged his hard pecs and abs, then decided to put my mouth around his limp dick. I love sucking a guy when they're limp, getting it to stand up to attention. Which he did very soon. And yes, he is 10" and thick. One problem I have since BC, is that average sized guys (like me) feel too easy. When I suck them it doesn't involve a lot of effort. And when I've gotten fucked, they may as well be sticking a finger up my ass. It's totally different. It doesn't involve major pain and adjustment. So I chowed down on his huge cock, enjoying the mass of his Canadian grade-A beef.

"Fuck me," he said. So I did. I slipped on the condom, and slipped into his extremely tight boy ass. It hurt him, yet I could tell he loved it from all the swearing he did. He finally had enough, and he turned around so I could suck him off. I know it's not a good idea, but this guy was so fucking hot, and bisexual - I swallowed his load. I used to do that with BC - guys with big cocks I think tend to have big loads - and it was delicious. I'd love to date this guy.

After we were done, I went to the washroom, came back and ran right into a wall corner, getting a cut on my forehead, and it bled. Oh well.

This morning when I woke up, I discovered I had his keys. I must have picked them up by accident when leaving. The coat I was wearing has a pocket that's not very secure, so my stuff falls out all the time. In my head-and-ass-banging state, I must have picked up his keys, thinking they're mine. So he called me at 9 this morning, asking if he can come by and pick them up.

I guess I have the keys to his apartment, to his truck which has all his tools, and a couple of friends apartments. I offered to send them via cab, but he wants to come by to pick them up. I'm looking forward to it.

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