Thursday, November 16, 2006

Brazil vs. Canada - Men's Gymnastics

I recorded this last weekend on videotape, then managed to capture the video, then export it for the web and put it online! Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

The Brazilian is fantastic - I believe he came in second, and the Canadian "Kyle" came in third. Hottie Marian DRAGULESCU came in first - I'm sure you're familiar with him from other gay blogs - he's so gorgeous.

I'm only about 200 km away from Kyle...but I haven't heard any gay rumours, although he appears gay to me. Unlike some famous gold medal Calgary swimmer, who everyone has had sex with..


Monday, November 06, 2006

Interview with a Werewolf

* The italicized/underlined dialogue is in a strange, Mediterranean-sounding dialect.

Esto demasiado lejos deu nuestras mãos, London. Tremine ist. Ahora.
This is too far from our hands, London. End this. Now.

Harris’ eyes flash at the sound of this language.

Tamentéu. Bórrel.
Absolutely. Erase it.

Táwn não acontecerá até que nós sabemos tudo. Alguém lo trajo sobre. Esta não era sua niciatriva.

It will not happen until we know everything. Someone brought him on. This was not his initiative.

Es demasiado. Cáigalo cair, fá-loei haré mis.
It is too much. Drop him, or I will do it myself.

Você não hará ninguna tal coisa. Usted toma uma etapa em seu sentido y yo comeré seu coração.
You will do no such thing. You take a step in his direction and I will eat your heart.

Esto não é una idéia boa.
This is not a good idea.

Quando deseo su opinião, você sabrá.
When I want your opinion, you will know it.

Last August, I auditioned for a role in an independent film being created here, in L*thbridge. I ended up being cast as "Barry" - second in command to the head werewolf, named London. Apparently the director liked my latin-appearing looks, and my ability to be calm, yet menacing.

All the actors met up last night, during the full moon, to perform two scenes - one of which is mentioned above. We drove for about 40 minutes, through pitch black countryside (only lighted by the moon) until we arrived at a farm house in the middle of nowhere. The lighting and cameras had already been set up. It was quite cold - the northerly wind was blowing, and it was about 2 degrees celsius.

I had a very hard time memorizing my lines, a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. I had to look up on the internet how to pronounce latin-type languages. I found out that "i" sounds like "e", and "e" sounds like "a." And of course, "j" sounds like "h." Then, of course, I had an even harder time trying to say a complete sentence, smoothly, while keeping a straight face. I couldn't stop laughing from embarrassment! How was I going to deliver my lines authentically, when I couldn't stop giggling from self-consciousness?

London was a hot young stud, 19 years old, with dark hair, green eyes, about 5'11". He had already been in one horror film. He works as a bartender at one of the upscale club/dining establishments in town. Unfortunately, when he took his jacket off, he had a bit of a paunch...but who cares. He was still hot, and a very nice guy.

Adrian was a guy who the director met at the gym, and asked him to play the part, only because he "looks" the part. Ironically, he was the only one who had his lines down pat, and sounded entirely authentic! I have no idea what age he is - 33? But he's studied practically every type of marshall arts there are. He has a degree in political science, but he's a dedicated kick boxing, jujitsu, karate addict, who's studied everywhere from New York to LA to Vancouver. Not my type... I don't know why, even though he's blond. Maybe if I saw him with his clothes off I'd be more interested. Anyway, he is a natural actor. He put London and myself to shame!

Then there's me. Thank goodness we didn't do the second scene with the latin-sounding language - I couldn't have pulled it off. It was too cold which was distracting, and I'm too much of a perfectionist so I couldn't pull off the accent without sounding like an idiot trying to pronounce every syllable and correct emphasis.

All I had to do was walk into a scene where there were three police, two other werewolves, and one semi-victim who turns into a hero. Basically, I was a model. No lines, just walking in, looking confident and scary. I'm good with that!

It got too late after doing the first scene, that the director decided to postpone the latin-speaking scene, where I'd have to speak... so that scene will be rescheduled, shortly. Before the winter sets in too much. That will give me lots of time to practice. Now all I have to do is find a latin-speaking guy who's willing to give me some lessons!