Saturday, April 19, 2003

Guy of the day

After my hostel experiences and meeting sexy guys from around the world, I did some cruising on the net for Scandinavian men. That's my background. I'm Danish. All my sisters are blond and blue/green eyed, but I take after my mom. I have brown hair and eyes, and dark skin. But my facial structure is classically Danish - big jaw, small nose (some hairdresser accused me of getting a nose job) nice eyes, high cheek bones.

I came across this handsome guy who you see pictured here. He's a doctor. Doesn't he have the sweetest grin? I like his unkept curling hair - mine gets like that if I don't get it cut. I like his unshaved look, and occasional white eyebrow hairs. I think he's nearly 50 if I remember correctly, and tall with a big dick. There's something kind of "Sting"-like about him too.

His headline is "Let's do it baby." He had other pictures of himself, sitting in his hospital office, grinning. Another one naked, lying on his stomach, smiling up at you. You can just tell this guy likes to tease you. He's got a great sense of humour and is playful. He's probably all wrong for me. I bet he's incapable of a long term relationship. He's too flirtatious and social, and loves having sex with cute younger guys who are bottoms. He's always on the "take."

I do like blonds with blue eyes or green eyes - but only if they have an intensity. Bland blonds are boring. My two ex bfs - Stu and the Stone Angel were classic blonds and had a brown-haired intensity. Blond pubic hair is sexy. Their eyes tended to change colour, like mood rings. I was always interpreting their eye colour. I'm Canadian, so I spell colour this way. Did you notice the cleft in his chin?

The most classic female blond was Catherine Deneuve. In terms of men it's Dolph Lundgren. Or perhaps it's a young version of Robert Redford. Stone Angel was as good looking as Robert Redford. Apparently there was some guy who looked exactly like the Stone Angel that was on the cover of Playgirl one year. Everyone teased him about having posed nude for it. I clipped the Stone Angel's body hair with my clippers. All that long blond leg hair, that began to get curly. And his balls too. Stu looked more like Dolph. Stu had no hair on his body.

Actually, I think Stu may be bald and chunky now. I saw his website for his photography business. There's a shot of some photographer guy, setting up a shoot with the backdrop, and he is fat, bald and blond. Maybe he ended up looking like his father. Wouldn't that be awful? To be so gorgeous and perfect, and end up like that? I prefer to believe he looks the same.

All my boyfriends have always been older than me. It's not that I like older men, per se. It just happened that way. Les was 13 years older than me. BC is now 41. I wonder what it would be like to be with a cute younger guy?

Anyway, I'm conflicted. Do I go for the Scandinavian blonds, or the Italian, Middle Eastern type guys? Maybe I could go for both, by dating Addaboy, who is Italian, and blond with blue/green eyes. Or how about the Irish? Or the French, the Brazilians and the tall Japanese men with big dicks?

It's raining men.