Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Vancouver is a riot of testosterone right now. Every car is beeping, dumb 20 year old guys are shouting, jumping around with their fist in the air, all because some major playoff, and I guess we won. I think it's the NHL. I don't know and don't care. It's loud. It seriously sounds like a riot. It sounds like it's all over the city. It's been going on for over an hour. We had an ugly riot here the last time we hosted a playoff.

I was on the outreaches of it as it was happening. People were breaking store windows, looting, beating each other up, throwing over cop cars. It was ugly. I managed to stay just ahead of the mayhem.

I went out to get a piece of pizza just a minute ago, and every car that drove by is beeping incessantly, even more so than a multiple wedding of a hundred people. I saw idiot straight guys shouting, saying, "whoo" or "yaah" or "whoa" or whatever the fuck they're saying. They look like Neanderthals.

As I walked out to get my pizza, I prepared myself to shoot an open fist in the first asshole guy that jumped in my face and yelled. I was ready to shove his nose bone up his brain. I cannot stand or understand riots.

I guess Vancouver would be no different than Iraq. Under the same, or even less circumstances, we'd have looting and insane testosterone behaviour performed over a stupid hockey game. (Now I heard a gun shot.)

Sometimes I hate men. What's their problem? I've heard that straight masculinity requires men to prove it, at every given turn. (Now I hear ugly nasty barking dogs, like they're tearing someone up.) Straight masculinity isn't a given - it's something you must earn, unlike female sexuality. I really wonder if we're all that different from apes. Another reason to hate men. Was BC all that different from an ape? The main reason he broke up with me is that he wanted multiple sex partners with other guys. He could talk all that sweet new age guy stuff to me, but he really wanted to stick his dick into another mouth or hole, to prove that he could make another conquest. If I had a machine gun, I'd walk outside, and rid our world of every one of those assholes outside screaming and hollering.

Except, if I had a machine gun, I'd be afraid of wrecking my nails. (Now I hear a group of guys fighting outside.)

Good night.

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