Thursday, October 30, 2003

How to suck dick

: I'm new...what's this technique that B.C. taught you!!!??


Hi Brent - thanks for your note. What do you mean "you're new?" You're new to being gay, or you're a new blogger? I've been checking out your blog, and enjoying it! I love all the pictures.

Well, maybe the technique isn't all that new, but it was new to me when BC taught me...even though I'd been gay for 20 years. Part of the technique is that I got used to sucking such a huge dick. At first, I couldn't do much with it - but after lots of practice, I was able to manage it just fine, without gagging.

The main aspects are using variety: go down slow, enveloping every inch with your mouth and tongue, then flick your tongue on the underside of the dick head, where the skin attaches to the head, and suck occasionally (creating a vacuum) Always keep your partner on edge, so he can't predict what you're going to do next. Go fast and furious one minute, then slow the next. Flicker his underside while sucking, then go down slowly and deeply. The other thing that really works is ... once he's really hard, push your throat down on his dick repeatedly, then slowly move up and let your tongue flicker the underside, then forcefully push down on his dick, letting your throat hit swallow his dick hard.

It's rather hard to explain - I'd rather show you. So the next time you're in Vancouver.... he he.

Let me know if this is new information or not. It could simply be my own naivete.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

'fess up time:
I've been such a slut. I don't know what's gotten into me. Except for lots of dick.

20 minutes ago, I met a guy online at For some reason I can't use on my Mac. Anyway, he wanted his big, uncut dick sucked. I wanted to suck a nice big, uncut dick. Except my straight roommate is home, so I suggested we meet in my garage. He was into it.

So I'm standing outside my garage at 5pm, and he walks up. A hot, 6' tall, 32 year old, short brown hair and eyes, sexy, and I take us into the garage. He asked me to bring poppers. So he undoes his jeans, and I start feeling around his crotch, and he's already hard. He's wearing very sexy cotton boxers with a blue and red and grey stripe thing going on. I pull out his already hard dick, and it's nice! It's about 8" I'd say, uncut, and just groaning for attention.

I give "Alex" the poppers, which he inhales, and his cock just points my way. So I do my cock sucking technique that I learned from "BC" and he's groaning away, and actually comes in about three minutes! The whole event must have taken 8 minutes.

It's so can suck a guy's cock (which I think is supposed to be a personal thing), who comes, you don't know him from Adam, you have your mouth around his cock, your hands on his butt and chest, and then he walks away after thanking you.

But that's not all I've been up to... I know I'm going to turn off a lot of my readers by telling you this, but oh well.

There's a local escort in town who I've seen on, who I've always wanted to have sex with - he seems so hot in his pictures, and his reviews are amazing. So, I had an extra $300 and decided to call him last night. Holy fuck! What an amazing time I had.

My roommate had decided to go to a couple movies, so he was not home, thank goodness. I think he knew something was up, when I bought some wine, and made a plate of garlic artichoke dip with green pea crackers, and he decided to get the hell out of here. "Will" showed up here at about 7pm. He was wearing all BodyWear clothes (my favourite) - a pseudo military sleeveless shirt that was shiny and tight, and some hot black pants. This guy was out of this world. He too was already hard when I began playing with his crotch, and wanted to get into action immediately.

I tried to slow him down with some wine and dip. Also, he has a huge 9-10" cock - which you probably already know I really like. He was "blown away" by my cocksucking skills, which again, I must thank "BC" for. His body was flawless - smooth, beautiful skin, incredible butt. I think he was really enjoying himself - he decided he wanted me to fuck him with a black dildo. I've never done that to someone before, but his butt was so awesome, and his crack so tantillizing - I did. I teased him with it at first, you know, tickling his butt, then sticking it in so it starts to go in, then I pulled it out. Then I'd stick it in all the way - he loved it when I forcefully stuck it in all the way very hard. Like pressing! Anyway, he spent 3 hours with me, but only charged me for 1.5 hours. And we may have a business deal going, so I'll get to spend more time with him. He's very handsome and oddly enough, my age (38).

I also had another stranger I met online fuck me, suck my cock, and I sucked his in my garage. Oddly enough, our cocks looked identical - we're both the same size and uncut. I felt like I was doing autofellatio. Anyway, it was hot, and he was so into fucking me that he came in my butt (with a condom on, of course). All the time I was worried that the woman who shares my garage might come in.

Anyway, that's all for now.