Monday, May 12, 2003

Meeting Mr. Right - Part 4

After the disappointment of my first "match," Jean-Pierre, and triggering the ire of matchmaker Earl, I wondered if I was going to be introduced to anyone else.

One month went by, then two. Earl had warned me that it may take some time. I told him, "Don't worry about it. I'd rather you waited and set me up with someone I'd have a strong connection with, rather than just setting me up to fulfill quota."

The matchmaking package I purchased included four matches (I already forfeited one of them by not getting together with Jean-Pierre), as well as an hour counseling session regarding dating issues.

A day after new year's, 2003, I receive a new "Match Report" in my in-box. Not good timing. I finally had enough suffering, and ended all contact with BC just the day before, so I am in heavy grief-mode. But I think, "Maybe the universe is rewarding me for having called it quits with BC, by sending me on a date with someone better!"

"Steve" is a 39 year old lawyer, who loves working out, the arts and traveling. Hmm, I've never been with a lawyer before, it could be interesting. He's been in three relationships in the past, none of which lasted more than six months. Not a good sign. Steve is 5'10", 165 lbs., athletic, blond hair, blue eyes and has a smooth body. He makes over a 100,000 dollars per year. Sounds hot! There's no mention of his cock size, unfortunately. And of course, he's spiritual too.

Earl informs me in the e-mail that he'll send Steve's pictures the next day.

Impatient, I google search for his first and last name and e-mail address, and find the law firm he works for. He specializes in car accident injury claims. Steve's name seems familiar, so following my intuition I look in our local gay rag, Xtra West. And I find it - he advertises his practice, and has a picture of himself!

I notice his teeth first. They are big, straight and white. A Hollywood smile. His hair is cut tastefully short, and frames a handsome face. His nose is almost too narrow, but nicely shaped. Something doesn't 'click' for me though. I can't define what it is, exactly. But I decide to meet him in person.

I put off calling Steve for the next few days, because I'm too depressed and my eyes are bloodshot and puffy from crying jags that hit me at inopportune moments. So Steve calls me first.

"Hi. This is Steve. Earl set us up together, and I'm calling to arrange a date with you," he says confidently. He has a nice voice: it's not as deep as mine, but has an upbeat, positive sound. He gives me his office, home and cell phone number, and explains he'll be out for dinner tonight, so I'm to call him on his cell phone.

Summoning all the sunny, optimistic energy I can muster in my present state, I call him at 7pm. "Hi Steve, it's insert my name here. " I hear silverware clinking on ceramic dishes, and the rumble of dinner patrons in the background.

"Hi! I'm glad you called," he says. "I'm having sushi with friends right now, but I was hoping you'd call." I'm impressed by his friendliness and warm up a little. We arrange to meet the following Friday for dinner at a Thai restaurant he recommends. "It's an excellent restaurant, and has won several awards and been reviewed by Condé Nast magazine as one of the top ten in Vancouver," Steve tells me. "I'll make reservations."

"Great," I say, "I'll see you then." The conversation went well, but I'm not someone you impress by taking me to an elite, trendy restaurant, in the middle of Generation X Yaletown. It's too "in" for me. What am I going to wear? Do I even like Thai food? How expensive is this place? My dining preference is The Naam - an organic vegetarian restaurant. It serves the Red Dragon bowl ($8.95) - a mixture of shredded beets, steamed veggies, home made potato fries and tofu cheddar cheese all mixed together, that one picks at with chop sticks. And has Vancouver's worst table service. It also attracts hippies, girls with hairy armpits and straight boys who could use a make-over by a team of gay men. (I don't look like them, of course.)

I immediately get on-line to find "Simply Thai." I check out the menu - I don't recognize anything on it, so I make a note to ask my more multi-cultural cuisine-oriented friends what it is. I call the restaurant to ask what their dress-code is, and fortunately it's dressed down.

I sense Steve may be too 'A crowd' for me. Or, maybe I should arrange to take the counseling session offered by Earl. Do I have issues?
to be continued....

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