Tuesday, May 13, 2003

12 Hour Delay

Have you ever wished that your e-mail application had the option of a 12 hour delay? In other words, you type an e-mail, click the 12 hour delay option, send it, but it doesn't actually get delivered until 12 hours later...enough time that you've slept, have a clear mind and can consider whether or not you want to actually send the e-mail. It allows you to delete the message if you choose against delivery, within the 12 hour period, before it gets sent and changes your life forever. I know...why don't I just not send it for 12 hours? There's something about e-mail that encourages impulsiveness. It's instant. Well, I had one of those moments last night, after finishing my last entry on "Meeting Mr. Right." I thought it would be fun to send Earl, the matchmaker/therapist, the article.

This morning I thought, "What the f*ck were you thinking?" Now I'm certain to never get another date from him. Oh well, at least I'll get some money refunded. It wasn't the success I had hoped it to be. I'm not sure if that was due to me...or the service. Probably me.

A part of me is giggling inside though, imagining Earl reading that e-mail. He's so "proper," so dedicated to being a matchmaker, and such a professional that I'm sure it'll freak him out. I assume I'll get an angry phone call from him today. I've provoked his ire again.

I started a diet yesterday. I plan to get down to eight per cent body fat in the next month. I'm trying the Atkin's diet, where you cut out carbs and just eat meat and fat. It puts your body into ketosis, meaning, since you don't have any carbs to burn, it burns your fat. I got these ketosis strips that you pee onto, and if it changes to a burgundy color, you're in the ketosis mode. I've heard great things about the diet - in the first week you're supposed to lose at least five pounds.