Thursday, May 29, 2003

Expand beyond nine to five

I have a confession to make. I don't like working eight hour days. Maybe it comes from being a student for 10 years. As a student, I set my own hours, decided what class to attend and when to study. Whatever the reason, I absolutely cannot and refuse to work eight hour days for a company.

I tried to do it - get a full time job. I had finished graduate school and found a full time job. I was there eight hours per day. I thought it was time to grow up and get a real job. I felt imprisoned. Even claustrophic. I knew I was trying to be like everyone else, but I hated it. I dreaded getting up at the same time, every morning, arriving on time, having lunch at the same time, and leaving at the right time. My life was so scheduled, I suffocated. I finally quit, even though I didn't have another job to go to. I decided, "Life is not worth living if I have to work eight hour days, every day, for the rest of my life."

I decided, before quitting, that my life would be better if I quit. It worked in my favour. First of all, the company I quit hired me on a contract basis. I earned more in two weeks than I would have, as an employee, in two months. Secondly, I got a job as an instructor, making more in a month with less work, than I would have staying with the company. As an instructor, I only worked 20 hours per week, but I made more in a month by about 40% than working full time with my previous company.

I can make $3000 in two weeks now, working part-time hours as a freelancer, when the work comes to me. This past week, I've only worked.... 7.5 hours. The rest of the time was my own. And, I can mark exams at the beach.

So, a part of me feels like saying to y'all - you're suckers! Deadbeats. Why are you working full time for a company that wants to make a profit off of you? Why not go freelance, where you make the bucks, and spend less hours? I guess the security of a full time job is more important to you. Yes, I have no security...but I've decided to have faith, that I will get a new contract. It's full of insecurity I suppose. But that's the only way I'm willing to live. It's also the only way I will live. The main thing is to have faith, that I will be taken care of. I can't change who I am. So I accept who I am, and the way I work. I believe the universe will conspire to help me.

I've realized I can't be someone I'm not. I can't work regular hours. I can't be imprisoned by nine to five hours. I can't accept that my boss makes more profit than me. I need lots of hours of personal self-reflection. I deserve it. That's the way God made me.

It does take a huge risk, one which most people aren't willing to make. But I did, I have faith, and it works for me.

I do take into consideration how much money I need each month, and in my mind I set quotas. Then I take these quotas, send them out to the universe with faith, and ask for it. It has worked for me, so far.

I'm not rich, that's for sure. But I always have what I need. And so far, that's good enough for me. I'm rich with time, self-reflection, time to make food, time to write, time to go to the beach, time to work out, lots of time. I love having time. Thyme, as a spice, I haven't experimented with yet, but perhaps I want to.

So thank you, God, Universe, for giving this to me. I write this to hopefully give others a positive option. It's real. It works.

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