Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The Blogger Rules of Honor

Sorry to interupt my story, but I had an inspiration. It's called "The Blogger Rules." Say it after me, with your hand across your heart:

I promise, as a blogger, to not reveal the true identity of a fellow blogger, unless he or she consents

I promise, as a blogger, to not share images of other bloggers, even though he or she sends them to me, in confidence

I promise, as a blogger, not to make friends with other bloggers, and then date their boyfriends (or girlfriends), unless it's okay with him or her (unless your name is geek or slut or a combination thereof - suggested by Geekslut)

I promise, as a blogger, not to speak poorly about other bloggers, unless he or she deserves it, and it has caché

I promise, as a blogger, not to steal code or design concepts, without permission, from said blogger

I promise, as a blogger, not to tease other bloggers, unless they're handsome, cute, sweet (have good abs) and blush when they're embarrassed, and named Cool Relax

I promise, as a blogger, when a fellow blogger goes through hard times, to send a message of love, even if it's a few days late

I promise as a blogger, to uphold and encourage truth of expression, even when a friend may have discovered your site, or another blogger becomes afraid and silences him or herself

I promise, as a blogger, to take action through e-mails when a fellow blogger talks about doing dysfunctional things, such as too many drugs or alcohol, unprotected sex (I know this is controversial, but I mean when both people aren't hiv positive) and bulimia

I promise, as a blogger, to always be entertaining or boring, whatever is the truth

I promise, as a blogger, to share the truth of my experience and who I am

I promise... this one is complicated, but let me try to explain. If Blogger A says something, and Blogger B responds on his or her own website and complains about it, then Blogger C responds to Blogger B about his or her comments, and they go back and forth about the topic without writing directly to Blogger A about it, then this is not good. Blogger B and C should send comments directly to the Blogger A first, before making it a public forum. Otherwise, you don't give Blogger A a chance to respond and perhaps rectify (doesn't that sound like rectum and erect?) any communication problems. (Courtesy of Water Colour)

If you have any other ideas, please let me know, and let's put together the unstated honourary "Rules of Bloggers". (I'm such a Capricorn, aren't I?)

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