Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Virgo is in my anus

After I posted my blog below, RA called me less than an hour later. He said, "I bet you wondered if you'd ever hear from me again." I went to the beach, then called him later this evening and left a message.

Then RA called me - I guess he had a bad weekend - he didn't get my message until Sunday evening because he didn't bring his cell phone with him or my phone number, and his car broke down on the way to his parent's home outside of Vancouver. Then he arrived at work on Monday morning to discover it was inventory, and so on. We had an interesting and fun talk. We're getting together on Saturday night for a movie.

One nice thing about getting older is that I really don't obsess or care if a date calls me back immediately. I have learned to trust my gut instincts - I felt that RA liked me, and it didn't make sense to me that he didn't call, unless he had some major crisis. So really, I thought there was some explanation. Also, I'm not one of those guys that needs to talk to a romantic interest every day, or every twice a day or whatever. I've got my own life to live, thank you. Also, I can't say that I'm extremely hot over him, so that probably helps.

I read my monthly horoscope today... it is pretty cool. ( First of all, the astrological signs are in my favour for losing weight! Believe it or not, and getting into shape. Secondly, I'm going to make a lot of money and travel lots this year, Thirdly:

Your attitude about a close committed relationship will become much more serious, realistic and mature. Single Capricorns won't likely enter into a relationship if they sense the other person isn't coming from the same place when it comes to marriage and home life.

I definitely feel this is true. At the end of the day, don't we want a partner who is committed, who will take care of us in old age, in our infirmities, in sickness and in health? Rather than someone we can't wait to suck and fuck for hours at a time, who puts us on edge, makes us feel lustful? I'm getting more realistic I think. But I also wonder...would I be able to be monogamous with a trustworthy guy who doesn't make me scream for more? But then, maybe sex isn't that important? Maybe I'd rather respect him and share a close friendship with him. Someone, that sounds better to me at the moment. Perhaps it's because Virgo is in my anus, I mean Uranus.

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