Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Don't you just love the "edit" function on your blogger? I do. When you re-read your blog the next day, and you realize it went too far, then you can just edit history. It's wonderful.

Since my own life is so boring, I thought I'd write about CoolRelax's life. He's spinning the most iconic story about how an innocent gay man becomes a slut. Sure, I was as sweet and innocent as CoolRelax when I first came out. I too fell in love with a charismatic, hot-bodied gay boy more experienced than me. He played the same games with me - I want you, I want him, I want you, I want you because I can't have you, I want you because I've convinced you I can have you and need you, you're unavailable, I'm going to make you obssess about me, we'll get together again and have more hot sex, then I'll fool around with someone else again, and you're too innocent to object, and you'll try very hard to have an open sexual relationship because I've got you wrapped around my pinky, or perhaps enormous dick, or amazing pecs, or flirty personality. I've been there and done that and become a lesser person as a result. Don't fall into that trap. It's hard to regain your innocence.

What happens is you turn into every other gay man... You accept the fact that men can't have monogamous relationships, you think you're too tight-minded as a gay male to think that open relationships are good, and with in-between guys you "cruise-out" to have casual sex, you give up your original dreams in terms of relationships, you become sarcastic and ironic, and you end up being single and disappointed at 38 years of age. The age when you thought you'd be happily married, with a house, a career and a dog. Or, you become the slut, marry a slut and have a great life. Because you're sluts, have no abandonment issues, you have sex with other hot guys, and your life is happy. But there are some men on this earth, who are gay, who cannot find happiness in this arena.

So is it only the sluts who find happiness? If CoolRelax blogs long enough, maybe we'll find out. But I'll bet $100 that DJ won't be non-monogamous.

On another mode - once I called BCAA they discovered my car only needed a battery recharging. So my car is fine. But the rest of my life needs other help I guess.

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