Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Since damaging my laptop, I've had a hard time trying to blog. I don't want my roommate to walk past and see me on my desktop typing away and get curious.

I left a message to RA last Friday (my recent Match), hoping we could get together on the weekend, but he hasn't called me back. This is a major surprise. We had an amazing time together, talking for 2.5 hours. It even seemed like he didn't want to end our date, and when I suggested getting together again, he even told me his availability for the next weekend. He appeared to really enjoy himself so this is quite mysterious. I'm supposed to call the Matchmaker and report about the date, so maybe the Matchmaker knows what's going on - I left a message with him to call me. If RA's not interested, then I wish he would have been more honest to me at the end of the date, but I guess most guys aren't comfortable enough to be straight forward. Or maybe he thought about the date afterward and decided he didn't like something about me.

The weather in Vancouver this week is incredible. No clouds and warm - it's even supposed to go up to 29 degrees celsius by Friday. I'm going to go to the beach this afternoon and soak up some rays.

I've been talking with friends and my family on the phone for hours these last few nights. I don't usually like long telephone conversations, but I've been enjoying them lately. It's great to reconnect with all my friends from out of province.

I blew my Atkin's diet this weekend. I had a major craving for spaghetti, then penne pasta and pizza which I gorged on all weekend - even into Monday and Tuesday. I did this before when I tried the Atkin's Diet. I tried staying on it for two weeks, then suddenly I have a major carbohydrate craving and can't resist. I'll go back to eating healthy, small portions, lots of veggies and eat whole grain pasta if I need to satisfy my pasta cravings. This is seems to work best for me. My friends don't even understand why I'm on a diet, but have you noticed there are different body standards for gay men and straight men?

I love summer - it's so nice to see flesh again, after being covered up all winter. There's a hot straight guy who visits his girlfriend at lunch and after work in the condo across the alley from me. They sit on their balcony smoking. He drives up in his camaro, then I see him shirtless sitting in the sun on the balcony. He's really tall, got a nice body with a furry chest - his fur is located only on his upper pecks. She sits in her bikini, drinking water, brushing her hair regularly, just oozing sexuality while they talk together. It's great eye-candy.

Truthfully, I'm not into casual sex right now, and haven't been for over a month. I'm going through a purification process. I'm getting ready to meet someone meaningful. I can't even remember what sex feels good it is. But that's okay, because when it happens it will be terrific. I do, afterall, need to completely forget what it feels like to have sex with BC - he is a sexual master, and it's his hobby and passion in life to be a good lover. He taught me techniques I didn't even know about. So if I'm ever to move on, I'll need to forget him and our sexual interactions.

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