Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Is the Blog Dead?

I've just checked through all my links to other bloggers and discovered how many are no longer operating, and how many are inactive. It feels a little sad...I was inactive for several months myself, and I'm sure many thought I had quit altogether. Perhaps some bloggers will come back at some time, yet others seem to have given up altogether.

After the initial enthusiasm of blogging (which lasts several months for most) many bloggers lose the energy they received from writing it. The enthusiasm comes from the pleasure of keeping a journal, having your journal read by anonymous others, and you feel like you become part of a community of bloggers - some of who you hear from, keep in touch and perhaps even meet. But once the novelty wanes and you no longer hear from other bloggers, the original impetus - that of keeping a journal - is lost for some.

Some of my favourite bloggers have ended their blog, and others have become inactive. I can only hope that they will return and that there are new bloggers of interest to take their place.

One of my new favourites is cunegonde. He's a chef. I love reading about his cooking endeavours - it's like 'watching' food tv, but in blog form.

I admit, my own blog has not been very interesting lately. At first, I got off on writing stories, talking about my sex life and other scintillating tales. Lately, I haven't had sex, haven't been interested in it and so a lot of material has dried up. My interest will come back again, once spring arrives. It ebbs and flows like the seasons.

But I wonder...is the blog dead? Was it just a trend, a phase - one which has withered into obscurity, along with the scooter? Has it had its heyday? Even some of the first bloggers who initiated blogging as an artform have folded up their blogsites, with philosophical goodbyes, or some without nary a "see ya later."

For now, I'll enjoy blogging, simply as a journal, one that is archived and doesn't take up my own computer space, so I can look back and remember all that has happened before.

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