Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fucked over on New Year's

I don't know Alan at all. I didn't know him when I worked for him, and I just ran into him in Vanc*uver that week, talked with him online a few times, and saw him for coffee in [small town]. So I guess it wasn't wise to plan spending New Year's Eve with him.

When I look back at everything, there was some foreshadowing.

I emailed him on the Tuesday before New Year's Eve, asking if we were still getting together. I didn't hear back from him right away, so I also texted him the same question. By 11pm Wednesday evening, I still hadn't heard from him. I had already booked the rental car and I was going to be leaving in the morning. So I called him long distance on my cell phone, and he said, "Yes, I did get your text/email blah blah blah, but hadn't had time to reply." His response made no sense.

The next day before I left to [his city], Alan had texted AND called me regarding the roads. He said, "I was talking to a friend in [my small town] and she said that there was a snowstorm happening, and that the roads were terrible. I'd rather there was NO Intertextual, than a DEAD Intertextual." (I had thought he was concerned about my driving in those conditions. But now I wonder if he was hoping that I couldn't come, and wouldn't come. And was trying to give me reasons not to come. He even told me that there was a weather and highway alert - which there wasn't.)

When I got to Alan's place (the roads were perfectly clear all the way there), he showed me his condo, and sat around pleasantly chatting for a couple of hours. He kept interjecting, "Tonight, we could stay here and fool around like we talked about, or we could go online and see if anyone's into coming over, or go into the city and go to the baths." I told him that I was looking forward to a quiet evening staying in, and he seemed to agree.

When I went out onto the balcony for a cigarette, I could hear him talking extremely loudly in his bedroom to someone on the telephone (I discovered he talks very loudly when he's high and on the phone). I couldn't hear what was said, but when I came back in, he acted like nothing had happened. This also happened when I went for an extended visit to the washroom. I didn't ask about it, I just assumed that a friend had called him.

He had bought some Tina and I could tell he was already very high when I first arrived. He couldn't hear well (I had to speak very loudly and repeat myself) and he was shaking quite a bit. The baggie he showed me was about $70 worth, which is what I gave him when he was in [my small town]. He was also supposed to pick up one E for me and a V. So if we shared $70 T ($35 for me), and if spent had gotten an E and a V ($30), it would almost work out to my $70 contribution.

I was getting pleasantly high, and he was getting higher. We both were online on our laptops looking at guys on Manhunt and Squirt to see if we could find someone to come over and play with us. I thought this was preferable to going to the bathhouse.

I know that much Tina would normally last me and someone else a good long evening. I kept my eye on how much there was. I went out for a cigarette on the balcony, (heard him on the phone) and when I came back in, and filled the pipe again (about half an hour later), it looked like half of it was missing from the baggy). I didn't want to say, "Ah, did you take half the Tina from the baggy while I was out having a cigarette? I kind of ignored it, and hoped he had just put half of it aside for later, for when either a guy came over to party with us or when we went to the baths. I thought maybe he was concerned that we were smoking it too quickly. That's how I justified it to myself.

He said that he got 2 E, and no V, and he had said, "I got 2 E for myself." Meaning he hadn't gotten me any E or V for me. What I should have said at that point was I was going to keep the Tina to myself, since that's what I paid for, but again I didn't want to appear like a rude guest, who was supposed to be staying the night.

We were online from about 8 to 10 pm. I didn't want to go to the bathhouse, but Alan suggested that if we didn't find someone by 10pm, that we should get ready to go there. He wanted to take two cars, so that in the morning I could just go directly to my sister's house. I didn't feel like driving, and asked him if he could drive us both. He said sure, but that he'd rather drive my rental car.

I used the shower (this was the extended trip to the washroom). Before I went in, I clearly noticed how much Tina was left in the bag. And when I came out, the bag was gone. He said he had put the rest of what was in the baggy on the living room coffee table by my pipe. I went to look, because I wanted another drag before leaving, and I picked up the pipe which was on a plate, and looked all over and couldn't see any baggy. Then I saw a tiny bit of Tina on the table top - I guess he had put the "rest" of the Tina into my pipe. There was too much Tina left to use it as one bowl, I thought. It would have been quite huge. Anyway, we checked to see if there was any on the floor that spilled, there didn't appear to be. He didn't look too hard, because he seemed to know there wasn't any more than the tiny amount that he put in my pipe. So again, more missing Tina.

I said, "There was a lot more Tina than that left when I left to take a shower." He said, no there wasn't, he had emptied the bag into my pipe, and threw the baggie out. Alan said, "I certainly didn't take it, I'm not like that, etc." I tried to let this situation go, but it was still pushing at me, bothering me. I decided to speak to him about it very maturely and calmly and warmly, giving him an opportunity to perhaps "find" the rest of it or give me a scenario where he put some aside for us for later. I sat down next to him to talk to him about this, because he couldn't hear very well, and said, "I know there was more than that left, and in fact I noticed most of the Tina going missing when I went out for a cigarette earlier this evening. I thought you had put some aside for us for later when a guy came over, or for the bathhouse."

He became very angry, telling me to get out of his apartment, he's not a thief, get out, etc. I remained calm, and made a decision that I was going to leave. Alan kept going on, being pissed, but as I started to gather my belongings together I realized this was going to be very awkward to explain to my sister and family. I also didn't have enough money to rent a hotel room or go to the baths on my own (Alan had offered to lend me the money if we were going together).

Alan got his wallet out, and counted out $30 and slammed it down on the kitchen counter in front of me. When he did that, a huge load of Tina fell out of the bills and bounced all over the counter. I looked at him, and said, "So there it is - the rest of the Tina WAS in your wallet." He looked at me like he was going to punch me, and said, "What the fuck, why would I have put the Tina in my wallet, with my bills, that's a stupid place to put it, and no I didn't take the Tina and do that."

I looked at him unbelievingly, wondering how he could deny what we just saw and what happened. Again, I said, "The Tina was tangled in your bills and when you slammed them on the counter, the Tina came out - it's now all over the counter." I started gathering it up, glad it had been found.

He was going on, yelling he's not a liar, that he didn't take it, maybe it was there the whole time, blah blah, and then he stopped talking and just started getting ready. I took stock of the situation and I was very disappointed. I thought that maybe if I calmed down, went easy on him, I could salvage the evening, stay friends with him and give him the opportunity to admit it another time, saying it was the drugs that made him act badly. I have seen people do this on drugs many times, and I know that he doesn't have access to it easily in [his city]. I was also very disappointed that this would end our friendship, because I thought we had some things in common. I thought I'd try to salvage our friendship and the evening.

Basically I ended up saying that perhaps the Tina was already on the counter and I hadn't seen it before, that I was very stoned and perhaps a bit paranoid, or that perhaps it had fallen out earlier from one of the pipes, etc. and that I was sorry to have blamed him. I said I had too many bad experiences in Van*ouver with guys taking drugs, and so on. I actually WAY over did it, apologizing. I told him I like him, thought well of him, and thought we had things in common and it was worth maintaining our friendship. Anyway, Alan seemed relieved, said the situation was behind us, it happens to people on drugs (which was going to be my excuse for him).

I gave him the keys to my rental car, I was all ready to go, and then he said, "Oh you forgot your computer bag." I said, "Did you want to bring that to the baths?" Alan said, "Yes, just in case it isn't busy, we can have another option to look online." I said, "Cool, okay." Then he noticed that I hadn't brought my luggage, and he said, "Oh, let's bring your luggage too, in case we get separated and in the morning you're not stranded looking for me to get your belongings back." I thought that was odd, but agreed. He said we were going to pick up Mike, a young guy he had met early this week, and bring him to the tubs with us. This came out of nowhere, I didn't know about it before, but I thought, alright.

On the way into the city I tried to make him feel relaxed, asked him about himself, tried to get him to open up and show me his authentic self. It kind of happened, but he was guarded. Just as we got into the city he called the young Mike and said he had arrived, and he was going to be there in 2 minutes. He said, "Mike is really hot, a great guy. He's going to be my next boyfriend." Wow, that was news to me. He had been talking about him as though he were a guy he had fucked earlier that week, and he asked me if I wanted to do a threesome with him. I didn't realize it was serious. Young Mike was at a nightclub. Alan parked nearby, and before he got out of the car said, "In case for some reason I don't make it back, here are the keys. You can go to the bath house on your own. I said I couldn't afford to go to the bathhouse, I didn't have any money until Monday. So Alan got out the $30 he had originally put on the counter and said, "That's why I gave you the $30 earlier," and gave it to me.

He left, and it was about 11:45. Fifteen minutes before midnight. So I sat in the car texting friends Happy New Year messages until 12:15 when I left to the bathhouse.

I think Alan had planned to meet up with the Young Mike all evening, and was just trying to figure out a way to make it downtown so he could join him later, after Mike's New Year's party was over at the nightclub. I think Alan was hoping the roads were too dangerous, so I wouldn't make it into Calgary.

I won't be seeing or speaking to Alan again. All he had to do was tell me he had made other plans for New Year's Eve, and say, "Would I mind if he cancelled?" I would have gladly said, "No," and spent it with my sister. And stealing drugs from me and acting like nothing happened makes it clear to me he has a drug problem - an addiction.

At the baths, I got the last available room, and totally wasn't in the mood to play or have sex, so I relaxed and occasionally took in the steamroom and hot tub. At 7:30am I got up at, went to the steamroom and warmed up, then sat and watched porn in the public area. A shorter guy, cute and around my age kept checking me out, but since I showed no interest, he left. He came by and did this three times. After the third time I decided to take a shower, and get ready to go for 8:30am. He followed me.

In the shower I noticed he had a great cock - quite long and nice and thick, and super hard. We ended up going back to my room, where he fucked me, professionally. I would have gladly paid for a fuck like that! This guy knew how to use what he was given, in just the right ways. I was totally enjoying it, and so was he. Ten minutes before I had to leave, we were done. I had one of the best fucks I'd had in a long time, and I made check-out too.

New Year's Day was turning out to be a lot better than New Year's Eve! Hopefully it's an omen for 2010 for me.

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Anonymous said... the whole thing. It felt so surreal. I've never done drugs before nor do I know much about folks who did it. Crazy story and thanks for sharing.