Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's Thicke?

I've discovered an enormously talented singer. Robin Thicke. I think he's going to be huge. Actually, he's already huge. He appeals to both young people and older persons, like me!

He's born of the Canadian actor Alan Thicke. Unfortunately, Canada cannot claim Robin as his own, because he was born in California. So he's listed as "American."

There are endless discussions of how Robin has transgressed some existing division between black and white singers. Apparently everyone thinks he is black, from his voice, I guess. But he is totally white. I really hate these racist divisions.

The quality of human beings are not based on their race, they're based on the quality that they bring to the world. I'm not convinced that he's appropriated black culture in his singing. I think that his voice, and vocal affinity has determined the music. Why can't white people sing similar things, if its in their soul?

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